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In the fields of technology, information technology as well as civil engineering and planning, 17 institutes, specialist bureaus and research offices are active in application-oriented research and development.  In addition, they offer services, such as consultancy, project coaching and training. They combine the know-how from the various specialist fields in one location and provide for an active transfer of knowledge and technology between the HSR and its partners.

Engineering and Information Technology

ICOM, Institute for Communication Systems

The Institute for Communication Systems develops soft-and hardware for wireless and cabled communication systems, as well as for technical control problems. Activities are focused on multivariable control, signal and image processing, wireless sensor networks, mobile radio and satellite-based navigation, such as GPS and Galileo.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Mathis
T 055 222 45 95

    IMES, Institute for Microelectronics and Embedded Systems
    IMES Logo

    The IMES develops analogue and mixed analogue/digital integrated circuits, embedded systems and microprocessor applications as well as economical electronic solutions.

    Prof. Dr. Paul Zbinden
    T 055 222 45 84

      IET, Institute for Energy Technology
      IET Logo

      The principle priorities of the IET are in the various areas of thermal and electrical energy technology as well as in the optimization of energy management systems. The services consist of measurements and analyses, simulations, optimizations as well as calculations and construction.

      Prof. Dr. Markus Friedl
      T 055  222 43 33

        ILT, Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics
        ILT Logo

        The ILT offers broad knowledge and experience in the fields of lab automation, mechatronics, robotics, connected devices as well as medical technology. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, the ILT supports its partners in the development and implementation of mechatronic systems. The ILT offers its services throughout the entire development process, from feasibility studies through to the start of production.

        Prof. Dr. Agathe Koller-Hodac
        T 055 222 49 29
        F 055 222 40 00

        IPEK, Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction
        IPEK Logo

        The IPEK (Institute for Product Design, Development and Construction) works as a link between the university and industry in the fields of development/construction and PDM/PLM/CAx.

        We are active in general mechanical engineering and implement your project from the initial idea through to readiness for mass-production. In addition, the IPEK is specialized in training methods for product development and in supporting the development and introduction of PLM and CAD solutions.

        Prof. Theodor Wüst 
        T 055 222 48 83

          IWK, Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing
          IWK Logo

          The specialist competences of the IWK consist of materials (plastics, metals, lightweight construction and composite materials), plastics constructions (calculations and design), lightweight construction (composites, light metals, multi-material structures, interconnection technology), process technology (process and tool optimization: injection moulding, resin injection, thermoforming, etc.) and CAE (simulation of component behaviour and production processes for product, tool and process design; CAD, FEM).

          Prof. Dr. Frank Ehrig
          T 055 222 49 05

            SITEC, Institute for Installation and Safety Technology
            SITEC Logo

            As an ISO 9001 certified institute, the SITEC provides services in the areas of independent test engineering, state-of-the-art engineering and development.  As a recognized test centre of the Federal Office for Transport (BAV), it provides services in cable railway technology. As an independent centre of competence, it offers services in the field of water-power technology. Further offers include general mechanical engineering.

            Prof. Jürg Meier
            T 055 222 43 51

              SPF, Institute for Solar Technology
              Logo SPF

              On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and as an accredited test laboratory (ISO 17025), the SPF is renowned worldwide as one of the leading laboratories for tests and certifications in the solar thermal domain.  In addition, since 1981, the SPF has carried out application-oriented research and development, in particular as a service to SMCs and industry. It is particularly active in the areas of materials and components (absorber films, coverings, pumps, compensators), collectors (flat and tube collectors, liquid and gaseous heat carriers, concentrating concepts) and systems (solar process water systems, combined heating and hot water systems, solar cooling).

              Andreas Häberle
              T 055 222 48 21

                UMTEC, Institute for Environmental and Process Technology
                Logo UMTEC

                The UMTEC develops technical solutions to environmental problems on behalf of industry and local authorities. The main focal points are mineral wastes, diesel exhausts and industrial waste water.

                Prof. Dr. Michael Burkhardt 
                T 055 222 48 70

                  IFS, Institute for Software

                  Better software – simple, faster: The IFS offers support for all questions concerning software development. The main emphases are modern agile development methodology, human computer interaction design, databases search engines and GIS. The offer includes advice, studies, coaching and software development.

                  Prof. Peter Sommerlad
                  T 055 222 49 84

                    INS, Institute for Networked Solutions

                    The INS combines competences in the areas of network technology, mobile applications and information systems. The INS offer includes application development, carrying out network reviews/IP telephony security audits and setting up radio networks in difficult conditions.

                    The institute is specialized in data architecture for mobile applications and complete business-intelligence solutions with SQL Server 2005 technologies. In addition, it operates a branch of the Cisco Networking Academy with certification to CCNA, CCNP and CCIE.

                    The .NET Competence Center and the Swiss Software Solution Center are parts of the INS.

                    The Institute Head is Prof. Hansjörg Huser, Institute partner Prof. Beat Stettler.

                    Contact person: Claudia Furrer
                    T 055 222 49 09

                      ITA, Institute for Internet Technologies and Applications
                      ITA Logo

                      The ITA translates the latest Internet technologies into applications. We offer innovative software solutions, advice and expertise in the areas of Internet security, Internet and mobile communication applications, as well as performance measurements and modelling.

                      Prof. Andreas Steffen
                      T +41 (0)55 222 47 47

                        Building and Planning

                        IBU, Institute for Construction and the Environment
                        IBU Logo

                        The IBU comprises the specialist departments of Construction and Building Materials Testing, Geotechnics, Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Within the framework of technology transfer, we advise our clients in the fields of civil and environmental engineering, produce experts’ reports, carry out field and laboratory measurements and organize specialist conferences, further education programs and training.

                        Prof. Dr. Susanne Kytzia 
                        T 055 222 49 17

                          ILF, Institute for Landscape and Open Space
                          ILF Logo

                          The ILF was founded by grouping several specialist and research departments, and consequently has many years of project experience.

                          The Institute develops innovative methods throughout the whole spectrum of landscape architecture as well as application-oriented project solutions, and thus supports decision-makers in industry and politics. The ILF excels due to its competences in the areas of landscape development, open space development, horticulture and landscaping, nature-oriented tourism and parks.  

                          Head of the Institute is Prof. Dr. Dominik Siegrist, Head of the Landscape Architecture Department.

                          Institutepartners are:

                          • Prof. André Stapfer
                          • Prof. Hansjörg Gadient
                          • Prof. Dr. Susanne Karn
                          • Prof. Joachim Kleiner
                          • Prof. Thomas Oesch
                          • Prof. Peter Petschek
                          • Prof. Hans-Michael Schmitt
                          • Prof. Dr. Dominik Siegrist


                          GTLA, Institute for the History and Theory of Landscape Architecture

                          The GTLA offers services in the areas of open space planning, historic garden preservation and garden art history as well as applied research and development in the areas of garden art history of the 19th/20th centuries, monument preservation methods and instruments, and open space planning.

                          Prof. Dr. Susanne Karn
                          T 055 222 45 17

                            IRAP, Institute for Spatial Development
                            IRAP Logo

                            The IRAP conducts applied research and offers planning support and services in the competence areas of “Fundamentals and Methods of Spatial Planning”, “Housing Estate Development and Urban Development”, “Traffic Planning and Mobility” and “Population and Infrastructure”. The services are oriented towards federal, cantonal, regional and communal planning departments as well as planning bureaus.

                            Prof. Andreas Schneider
                            T +41 (0)55 222 49 38


                              R&D Coordination Office for Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering / Innovation, Information Technology

                              Head of Department:
                              Prof. Alex Simeon
                              T +41 (0)55 222 48 50

                              Coordination Office for Infrastructure and Living Environment

                              Head of Department:
                              Prof. Dr. Dominik Siegrist
                              T +41 (0)55 222 47 91