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Master of Science in Engineering

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) allows students to obtain a specific, in-depth education in the areas of engineering, information technology as well as civil engineering and planning. The master’s study course is aimed primarily at highly motivated, high-performance graduates, and prepares them for positions of responsibility.  

The master’s studies are oriented towards specialist, project-oriented in-depth academic development.  This specialized in-depth formation is carried out with the help of projects, ancillary activities and the master thesis at a so-called Master Research Unit (MRU). Strongly linked to the application-oriented research and development units of the Universities of Applied Sciences, the MRU has an excellent infrastructure. Specialized in-depth formation at the HSR is possible in the following MRUs:

  • Civil Engineering

In the Civil Engineering MRU, you, as an engineer, broaden and deepen your knowledge of the construction industry.

  • Energy and Environment

In the Energy and Environment MRU, interdisciplinary research projects based on the core themes, “technical environmental protection” and “renewable energies” are carried out.

  •  Innovation in Products, Processes and Materials

The MRU deals primarily with innovative developments for individual products, systems or complete installations corresponding to operational demands.

  •  Plastics Technology

The MRU Plastics Technology covers the research fields injection moulding/polyurethane technology, compounding and extrusion, composites and lightweight construction, joining technology and metal-machining.

  • Spatial Development and Landscape Architecture

The study goal for the Spatial Development and Landscape Architecture MRU is oriented towards the demands for sustainable regional development and landscape planning, and comprises planning, cultural, economic, technical and social teaching content in an integral approach.

  • Sensor, Actuator and Communication Systems

The SAC MRU is concerned with signal processing and control technology, communication and navigation systems, as well as embedded systems and microelectronics.

  • Software and Systems

This unique MRU in the MSE-Landscape offers the competences “software engineering” and “secured unified communications” as main focal points at the Rapperswil location as well as “communication systems and multimedia” at the Chur location.


Besides the specialist in-depth education, extended knowledge is imparted by means of theoretical and context modules. These modules are offered at central student locations in a cooperation of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences and make up about a third of the studies.


Master Office HSR

Julia Niepel
T+41 (0)55 222 44 07

Official Website MSE