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Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering

Areas of work

Climate change, a shortage of resources and dependence on fossil fuels are all making their mark on society today. Conservation of the environment and a transition to renewable energies are urgently needed. Implementing the improvements, however, can only be achieved through the use of intelligent products and processes. The Renewable Energies and Environmental Technology course gives students the necessary technical and natural-science know-how for improving on existing products and processes and for successfully putting new, creative ideas into practice.


The Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering course opens up a wide range of job options. A large number of graduates spend their first few years of work in development, plant engineering or production. Their careers can advance through taking charge of ever-bigger areas of the company, extending right through to the management. If graduates are more interested in application and the market, they can follow the route into (frequently international) sales, or into international consultancy. Leading posts in public authorities that deal with energy and the environment are also possible. And, in many cases, graduates put their own pioneering idea into practice in a company of their own once they have gained a few years experience.



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