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Cisco DevNet express

27. Juni 2018 bis 28. Juni 2018 - What's a DevNet Express event? 
It's a focused event where you listen, learn, and put it into practice. 
This one's for Network Engineers, Network Architects, DevOps Engineers and SSIs
and it's all about using APIs to help you manage and program your network.

What's the format of the event?

You'll listen and learn from trainers, and then get hands-on with the technology, complete some interactive Missions (with proctors to help you) and get rewarded for your hard work!

Day 1 

Covers basic language skills (Python and JSON) and REST API concepts.​We'll also take you through the pre-event installation requirements (pre-reqs) for Day 2. Even if you're already familiar with Python, JSON and REST APIs, you'll find Day 1 useful!

Day 2 

Focuses on the network’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA): the building blocks of a well-managed network:

  • Cloud Service Management
  • Automation and Analytics
  • Physical and Virtual Network Elements 

Specifically, on Day 2 we'll train you with short, hands-off sessions followed by hands-on missions in each of the mentioned areas.

IT-Bildungsoffensive meets IT rockt!

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