«I met half of Europe in one single place during my Erasmus semester in Warsaw. I learned things no lecturer in the world could have taught me! I had to find my way round a new environment, immerse myself in a different world – and this taught me how other cultures work»

Christoph Rothen

Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering degree course
Semester abroad in Warsaw, Poland


«A brief trip to paradise before my Master’s – that was the theme of my exchange visit to NTU in Singapore. My time abroad was a great technical and cultural excursion. The finishing touch on this whole experience is that my year abroad has opened doors for me to the global market.»

Matthias Meienhofer
Master’s graduate MRU «Sensor, Actuator and Communication Systems»
Overseas stay in Singapore


«I studied architecture on my exchange semester in Valencia, which gave me a whole new approach. I learned new methods and worked in international teams in the group workshops. I tried to emulate the Spanish lifestyle as much as possible: I got up at 9 a.m. at the earliest, took a siesta if possible, ate dinner at 10 p.m. and enjoyed the Spanish culture! We often went slacklining in the park, swimming at the beach or climbing. Valencia is unique when it comes to quality of life, with its beach, parks and the Jardin de Turia. And the best bit: coffee was just 60 cents at the uni!»

Moritz Wernli
Landscape Architecture degree course
Semester abroad in Valencia, Spain

Prof. Stefan Kammhuber
Prof. Stefan Kammhuber, PhD
Head of the International Relations Office

‘Those who live see much. Those who travel see more’ (Arabic saying). The International Office can help you to expand your professional, intercultural and language skills with a stay abroad. 

HSR has great international links, offering students the opportunity to establish international contacts. We maintain good relations with more than 30 partner universities in Europe, Asia and America. Our network allows students and teachers to expand their experiences abroad, to discover new things and so to invest in their professional futures. 

Outgoing HSR students who undertake one semester or a full academic year abroad in Europe (Erasmus) or overseas benefit from this. Our partner universities also enrich HSR by providing incoming students from all over the world, whom we welcome to Rapperswil.

You as an HSR student can benefit from our existing university partnerships or choose to go abroad as a free mover, organising your stay at a suitable host university yourself and planning your exchange study course with the help of course leaders and lecturers.