Aim and strategy

Our university provides students with professional knowledge at a high level and simultaneously prepares them for its practical application.

Well-equipped for the future

Excellent teaching is a constant process of reflection and innovation at HSR. 

We believe that people learn best when they can link new ideas with their prior knowledge and experiences, and when they address problems and questions that they recognise as relevant. This is the reason our lecturers design their teaching to be as individualised, skill-based and application-focused as possible.

We encourage students’ personal skills and leadership abilities so that they can have a successful start to their professional lives after graduating. 

Students learn how to work independently and creatively. They practise organising themselves and can apply what they have learned in a flexible manner. 

Close ties between education and applied research and development (AR&D) departments ensures our teaching is high-quality and relevant.

Curiosity leads to wisdom

HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil is involved in the fields of technology and computer science, civil engineering and planning. We offer an attractive and varied range of programmes and generate impetus due to our links with research and industry partners. As we are a modern educational facility and a first-rate skills centre, we design our processes with permanent change in mind. 

The focus at our university is clearly on an open culture within teaching and research. This is intended to create an environment that encourages curiosity in our students, lecturers and researchers – an environment in which new ideas can flourish. 

Our university is committed to equal opportunities for men and women and is actively involved in promoting young talent. Our programmes, some exclusively for girls, provide hands-on science and pique young people’s interest in natural science and technology.