Youth development

School students build robots, girls program games and school classes become businesses for the day – HSR’s youth development programmes are piquing children’s and teenagers’ interest in science and technology. 

Career guidance at your fingertips

Why do many young people shy away from technical professions? It is often because they have little or the wrong idea of what they entail, so trying technology out for themselves helps to overcome these barriers. Practical experience of professions aids young people in making their career choices.

This is why HSR is involved in promoting young engineers. Our programmes and workshops offer young people a practical career guidance opportunity.

Youth development at HSR: Our programmes

  • Electronics4you
  • HSR App Quest
  • RobOlympics
  • Experience Day
  • HSRvote
  • HSRlab
  • Informatics4girls
  • Future Day
  • High school graduation projects at HSR