Continuing Education

Why Complete Continuing Education Courses at HSR?

You will enhance your expertise

You will apply your new knowledge directly

You will expand your network

You will graduate with a protected title

You will gain recognised and practical continuing education at a higher education level at HSR. Our range of courses includes the fields of construction and planning, energy and environment and engineering and computer science.

Thanks to our links to business and higher education institutions, we can provide you with cutting edge and scientifically sound content. Your lecturers will pass on their expertise in applied research and development (AR&D) to you. You can use this transfer of knowledge directly in issues arising from your professional life. This is how our continuing education courses create immediate value for your career and your employer.

The recognised Master of Advanced Studies is at the heart of our range of courses. You will graduate from this part-time Master’s degree course with a diploma and the protected title of Master of Advanced Studies (MAS).

Each MAS consists of several certificate courses, Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS). You can complete the certificate courses individually or as part of your MAS. You will graduate from each individual CAS with a certificate.

You can continue your education in a targeted and subject-specific manner or enhance and update your knowledge with our single or multi-day modules, courses and seminars.

Your academic achievements on all continuing education courses will be accounted for as part of a single credit point system (ECTS). In this way, we ensure transparency and national and international comparability of qualifications.

Please note that our courses are conducted in German. For further information visit our German website: