Master of Science in Engineering

Why Do a Master at HSR?

Ambitious Bachelor’s degree graduates have the option of further enhancing their knowledge and technical expertise and specialising at HSR. The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) is a consecutive Master’s degree programme in engineering, computer science, construction and planning.

This Master’s degree programme is unique in Switzerland, offered in cooperation with all eight Swiss universities of applied sciences and is heavily practice-oriented. This Switzerland-wide collaboration means that you benefit from numerous opportunities to enhance your knowledge and from the researching strengths of the individual universities. 

The MSE prepares you for a responsible position in professional life. The enhanced knowledge qualifies you for demanding activities in a specialist field. After graduating, you will be in a position to take on leading roles and head up interdisciplinary projects. 

Design Your Studies to Match Your Interests

The Master's degree is designed to enhance your specialist and project-based knowledge. This enhanced knowledge is provided using projects, complementary events and a Master’s dissertation at a profile. The profiles are linked to the Applied Research & Development (AR&D) departments at the universities and boast excellent infrastructure.