Plastics Technology

A highly topical field of research

Research activities in the fields of engineering and plastics technologies have developed steadily over the last few years – the new MRU will keep you up to date.  

See the entire value chain

You will work on projects from across the value chain – from idea to finished product. 

Infrastructure unique in Switzerland

You will work with cutting edge machinery and equipment in our test labs, covering almost the entirety of plastics processing. 

Design and simulation

You will learn design guidelines and apply modern calculation tools for structural analysis and process simulation.

Interdisciplinary work

Plastics is used in almost all sectors – your work will also be in demand in other HSR Institute projects.

Teaching by dedicated and well-connected professionals

Your lecturers have close links to research and industry and share their up-to-date knowledge.

The Key Points at a Glance

QualificationMaster of Science FHO (University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland) in Engineering focusing on Industrial Technologies
Course duration

3 full-time semesters,

5-6 part-time semesters

ECTS points90
SpecialismIndustrial Technologies
Specialist focusesIntegral product development, production and automation technology, computer-aided part and process design

Subject specialisation: Rapperswil

Theory and context modules: Zurich

Preferred Bachelor’s degrees
  • BSc in Automotive Engineering
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc in Microtechnology
  • BSc in Systems Engineering
  • Engineering Designer
  • BSc in Telecommunications
  • BSc in Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering
  • BSc in Systems Engineering

Portfolio admission:

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering Management
  • BSc in Computer Science
Other qualifications: Portfolio admission possible
Teaching language

German, many modules in English

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