Sensor, Actuator and Communication Systems

Why Study Sensor, Actuator and Communication Systems at HSR?

A fascinating task

You will connect the internet with the physical world using networked actuators and sensors.

Practical study

Your professors work closely with companies and actively pursue the transfer of knowledge between practice and research – you reap the benefits of cutting-edge teaching content.

Modern infrastructure

You will use cutting edge electronic tools to develop highly complex sensors, algorithms and communication systems for the industry.

Enhance your knowledge

We will train you to become an expert in Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data.

Cutting edge research

Your lecturers work on research projects for the local industry and will include you in these – more than 200 international patents and publications have resulted from these projects.

A comprehensive qualification

After graduating, you will be proficient in all the key tools for developing sensors, actuators and communication systems.

The Key Points at a Glance

QualificationMaster of Science FHO (University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland) in Engineering focusing on Industrial Technologies
Course duration

3 full-time semesters,

5-6 part-time semesters

ECTS points90
SpecialismIndustrial Technologies

Course focus

  • Automation and control engineering
  • Digital signal and image processing
  • Statistical machine learning and deep learning
  • Embedded hardware and software
  • Communication and navigation systems
  • Electronics and sensor technology
  • Analogue and digital microelectronics

Preferred Bachelor’s degrees

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc in Microtechnology
  • BSc in Systems Engineering
  • BSc in Telecommunications
  • BSc in Computer Science

Portfolio admission:

  • BSc in Industrial Engineering Management
  • BSc in Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering
  • BSc in Automotive Engineering
Other qualifications: Portfolio admission possible

Subject specialisation: Rapperswil

Theory and context modules: Zurich
Teaching languageGerman, many modules in English

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